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Bin tilting elevator

Bin tilting equipment with lifting system for working height according to customer needs, and possibility of managing the working cycle by means of a PLC.

Conveyor belts

Tecno Lift conveyor belts are conceived to cater for every possible production need. After a preliminary analysis of the case, our technical staff defines the best solution possible to give the client an effective and functional conveyor belt (link to products).

We manufacture conveyor belts for all possible types of fastener

The conveyor belt is built with the dimensions necessary to transport fasteners to the required height and equipped with ideally sized compartments to carry the fasteners handled. The conveyor belt is equipped with a sensor which enables loading in relation to the level in the hopper, and notifies the operator if the hopper has to be refilled. A separator device lifts the compartments to prevent fasteners from becoming trapped between the hopper and the belt

Tried and tested conveyor belts for maximum performance at all times

Tecno Lift personnel tests each conveyor belt we build for whole working day with the specific fasteners for which the belt itself is intended. Factors such as belt tension and the smooth operation of the belt compartments are tested and checked to ensure that the end client receives a product offering not only superlative performance, but durability too.

Vertical elevators with vibrating hopper

Elevatore verticale con tramoggia

Tecno Lift vertical elevators / loaders with vibrating hoppers are the most effective solution for feeding any production process involving fasteners in . Our personnel designs and fabricates vertical elevators / loaders for any application, and which integrate easily into an existing line to cater for any possible technical or logistical requisite. Constructed with extraordinary precision for superlative mechanical efficiency, these vertical elevators / loaders with vibrating hoppers contribute to optimising and automating the production process. All the machines designed and manufactured by Tecno Lift are fully tested before delivery to the end client.

The vibrating action of the hopper ensures a continuous feed of product, resupplying the vertical lifting system with exactly the right quantity of parts. The integrated sensor stops vibration when the loader hopper is full, preventing the risk of faults or malfunction. This system limits the involvement of the operator, whose only task is to tip fasteners into the vibrating hopper, while the hopper itself is fully automated, delivering precisely the correct quantity of fasteners to the production system. 

On receipt of the fasteners, they are lifted to the required height by the conveyor and tipped onto the counter-rotating rollers. A linear vibration system then distributes the fasteners in the feed guides, with adjustable spacing and inclination depending on the dimensions of the fasteners. The feed guides are constructed in special steel with tempered chute surfaces to resist the wear caused by constant contact with the fasteners. Excess fasteners fall into a container connected to the loader hopper and are re-introduced into the production process without interrupting the operation of the machine.

Vertical elevators / loaders may also be equipped with control panels for setting the vibration intensity of the hopper and the speed of the conveyor, to tailor the feed rate precisely to the needs of the production process.

Monoblock vertical elevators

Elevatore verticale con tramoggia vibrante

Vertical elevators / loaders with integrated hoppers are particularly suitable for feeding machines in situations with limited working space. To ensure impeccable results, each machine is tested thoroughly in our factory and certified.

The vertical feed action of the integrated hopper delivers precisely the right quantity of fasteners onto the conveyor. The angle of the bottom of the hopper, which determines the quantity delivered, is regulated automatically by a sensor which, in relation to the required feed rate, hydraulically raises or lowers the base of the hopper. By automatically adjusting the angle of the hopper, the mechanised control system can also reduce the feed rate if the area loaded is excessively full, protecting the machine against faults and malfunction.

All vertical loaders / elevators may be equipped with a control panel for setting the speed of the conveyor and optimise feed rate for the needs of the production process.

Porter hopper

A Porter machine consists of a vibrating hopper and a lifting system with fixed column and mobile bucket. The hopper loads the pieces into the bucket, which can move up and transfer the pieces into the vibrator. The loading device is managed by the PLC of the machine, which allows loading operations based on the quantity of pieces inside the vibrator, and informs the operator when pieces are exhausted in the hopper.

Combined weighing hoppers

A combined weighing hopper transfers the product into a squared hopper that weighs it, and feeds the tray of the porter in a continuous and precise way.

Vibrating hoppers

It can be combined with a tilter that allows loading the hopper at different heights. Our hoppers can store large quantities of heavy pieces and handle them with precision.

These vibrating hoppers control the quantity of pieces inside the feeder in order to improve the working conditions. The shape of the hopper, designed to contain different quantities of pieces, minimizes the loading operations.

We have recently introduced vibrating hoppers for heavy loads that can further extend the loading intervals without any change to the dosing capacity during feeding operations.

This type of hopper can be designed according to the specific loading needs of the final user, it can have different shapes, as well as satisfy various loading capacities.

Vibrating channel equipped with a linear vibrator.