Monoblock vertical elevators

Type: Loading  

Vertical elevators / loaders with integrated hoppers are particularly suitable for feeding machines in situations with limited working space. To ensure impeccable results, each machine is tested thoroughly in our factory and certified.

The vertical feed action of the integrated hopper delivers precisely the right quantity of fasteners onto the conveyor. The angle of the bottom of the hopper, which determines the quantity delivered, is regulated automatically by a sensor which, in relation to the required feed rate, hydraulically raises or lowers the base of the hopper. By automatically adjusting the angle of the hopper, the mechanised control system can also reduce the feed rate if the area loaded is excessively full, protecting the machine against faults and malfunction.

All vertical loaders / elevators may be equipped with a control panel for setting the speed of the conveyor and optimise feed rate for the needs of the production process.