Conveyor belts

Type: Loading  

Tecno Lift conveyor belts are conceived to cater for every possible production need. After a preliminary analysis of the case, our technical staff defines the best solution possible to give the client an effective and functional conveyor belt (link to products).

We manufacture conveyor belts for all possible types of fastener

The conveyor belt is built with the dimensions necessary to transport fasteners to the required height and equipped with ideally sized compartments to carry the fasteners handled. The conveyor belt is equipped with a sensor which enables loading in relation to the level in the hopper, and notifies the operator if the hopper has to be refilled. A separator device lifts the compartments to prevent fasteners from becoming trapped between the hopper and the belt

Tried and tested conveyor belts for maximum performance at all times

Tecno Lift personnel tests each conveyor belt we build for whole working day with the specific fasteners for which the belt itself is intended. Factors such as belt tension and the smooth operation of the belt compartments are tested and checked to ensure that the end client receives a product offering not only superlative performance, but durability too.